Our Daily Growing Hearts

Our Journey Through Foster Care

I am more confident in so many things but not because I've become a "better" mom but because I am realizing that my needing to learn certain things doesn't make me a bad one. 


A Few of My Favorite Baby Items

Let me preface this post by saying that if I've learned one thing from being a momma to two babies, it's that no two babies are the same! two mommas are the same either! I wanted to share some of my favorite baby gear and maybe some of it will work for you and your baby...but maybe it won't and that's okay! Here are a few of my favorite baby gear no particular order!

Checking Our Motives: How to Help a Friend Through a Difficult Season

Can I begin with saying that I LOVE community. I love mt "village", my people, my church, my amigos. Community is not only so amazing, but essential for life and especially for Foster and Adoptive Families. We literally were... Continue Reading →

Praying For What’s Next

The past few days, I have began to think about "what's next" for us in Foster Care. Today, it hit me & I felt like I really needed to begin praying for a vision of what the next chapter will... Continue Reading →

She Made Me A Momma

It's the third night since we had to say goodbye to our baby girl. With the unexpected whirlwind of events that happened, everything still feels so surreal. One one hand, I feel like I can still hear her laugh and... Continue Reading →

Yesterday, We Said Goodbye to Our Baby Girl

Yesterday, there was a scheduled court hearing for the case involving our Foster Baby. The way that things work is that Social Services handles the ins & outs of the case then reports to court where the Judge makes the... Continue Reading →

Diary of a First Time Foster Mom: More than a Conqueror

I felt kind of weird saying that I was a Foster mom until we actually received our first placement. But now, I can confidently say it! I am a Foster mom & I am proud! Today is only day three... Continue Reading →

I am no stranger of waiting & my guess is that you may not be either. I have had vivid dreams of being a mother, holding my baby in my arms & waking up wondering how much longer I will... Continue Reading →

Signs of Child Abuse & What to Do About It

While not every child who exhibits one or more of these signs has been emotionally abused, these are some of the signs that be a result of emotional abuse.

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