Our Daily Growing Hearts

Our Journey Through Foster Care

Yesterday, We Said Goodbye to Our Baby Girl

Yesterday, there was a scheduled court hearing for the case involving our Foster Baby. The way that things work is that Social Services handles the ins & outs of the case then reports to court where the Judge makes the... Continue Reading →


Diary of a First Time Foster Mom: More than a Conqueror

I felt kind of weird saying that I was a Foster mom until we actually received our first placement. But now, I can confidently say it! I am a Foster mom & I am proud! Today is only day three... Continue Reading →

I am no stranger of waiting & my guess is that you may not be either. I have had vivid dreams of being a mother, holding my baby in my arms & waking up wondering how much longer I will... Continue Reading →

Signs of Child Abuse & What to Do About It

While not every child who exhibits one or more of these signs has been emotionally abused, these are some of the signs that be a result of emotional abuse.

We take in all of the information that we are given, process what we can and know that there are certain things that we cannot "figure out" until we "get there" and that is okay! It's this mix of learning as much as we can yet fully trusting in God to give us what we need when the time comes for us to need it!

Learning As We Go

To begin, I must say that there are many more than 10 things that we did not know about foster care and A LOT more that we have yet to find out. But after talking to many people, some common... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of It All

The answer to the question of "why would we do foster care", all of the sudden turned into the question of, "why would we not?"

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