Our Daily Growing Hearts

Our Journey Through Foster Care

Equally Ours

Our kids are & always will be equal to us and if you happen to be a person who accidentally speaks without prepared for me to lovingly correct you & reaffirm my children's equality in out family!


My First Mother’s Day

It's my first Mother's Day & it feels so natural. This weekend, Zach had to work so I've toted E around for the full Mother's Day experience of brunches, family time & church. She still fought half of her naps,... Continue Reading →

Do You Know How Long?

Until then, we will be the best parents that we can be for baby E & we will pray fiercely for her future & everyone involved in the process!

Why I Buy the Next Size Up

I LOVE to shop. When I've had a bad day or when I'm stressed out, shopping is cathartic for long as there aren't too many people! Any kind of shopping, really, but I especially love shopping for our baby... Continue Reading →

The Not-So-Brighter Things

If you know me, I absolutely love being a momma. I've always wanted to be a mom, ever since I could remember. I was that girl who wanted the baby dolls & all their accessories, the girl who always wanted... Continue Reading →

My Wedding Ring Doesn’t Fit

Recently, I've lost a little bit of weight...enough that my wedding ring doesn't really fit right now. I have to take it in to get resized soon or else I'm afraid that I might loose it! It got me thinking... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Baby E

My dear sweet girl, You are the joy of our lives...and I think that you are already beginning to see that! I love waking up to see your face every morning & getting to go to bed, knowing that you... Continue Reading →

25 and Satisfied

This unlikely road to motherhood has taught me so many things, but chief among all is that I have to be satisfied RIGHT where I stand.

I am more confident in so many things but not because I've become a "better" mom but because I am realizing that my needing to learn certain things doesn't make me a bad one. 

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